Top 6 Unique Product Ideas For Kids

Unique Gift IDeas For KidsEveryone knows that kids love presents. If you want to give the kid in your life a really unique, memorable gift, here is a list of the top six unique products that kids are sure to love.

6. Light-Up Bubbleizer

This Bubbleizer from Perpetual Kid not only produces an endless stream of bubbles, but does so in color! Included with the Bubbleizer is the bubble solution and batteries for the toy. Kids will be mesmerized by the colors of the bubbles, especially in the dark, as they dance and make their own colorful bubble light show.

5. Fantastic Spinner Art Kit

Introduce curious eyes to one of the favorite toys of your generation with this Spinner Art Kit from Sky Mall. It requires no batteries—completely kid-powered, they can just hold onto the handle and squeeze the trigger to make the frame spin as they add different colors of paint onto their card to make a beautiful and unique work of art. This product is recommended for children ages 6 and up. Kids will be so proud when they can pin their finished artwork to the fridge for all to see!

4. Squigz Starter 24 Piece Set

This unique, fun puzzle toy from Amazon is made of multi-colored silicone pieces with suction cups on the ends that toddlers and kindergarteners can stick together to make their own imaginative sculpture. Not only will it help them to be creative, it will also help them practice their fine motor skills. Both you and the kid in your life will love this toy, because it’s fun for them, and you know it will help them to strengthen important skills of their development.

3. World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie

These kid-size walkie talkies from Paper Source will provide hours of entertainment for a child and another friend. With a range of up to 150 feet away, kids can play “top secret mission” all over the backyard or the park. This product is recommended for children ages 3 and up, and batteries are included. Just wait and see the imaginative scenarios your child can create with their very own set of walkie talkies!

2. Uanyi Pixel Art Backpack

Kids ages 8-11 will have the coolest backpack around if you give them this Pixel Art Backpack from It comes with several colorful silicone pixel pieces that kids can use to create their own pixel art on a board attached to their backpack. They can change their artwork whenever they want, for a new picture every day.

1. VTech InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet

Get your youngster started on learning how to use electronics with this kid-friendly educational tablet for ages 4-9. It weighs only 1 pound for easy handling, and its easy-to-use interface provides an e-reader app, an art app, a note app, music, video and photo apps, and up to 2GB of internal memory with the option to use your own SD card to expand upon the memory. The device runs on four AA batteries. The activities on this kid tablet will exercise your child’s thinking skills and improve their audiovisual comprehension while they are playing fun games and doing other creative activities they will love.

For a unique children’s product that will nurture your child’s creativity and help them learn about the world around them, any of these products would make a great gift, whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or “just because.”


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